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The Minnesota based Altoz makes zero-turn lawn mowers for the commercial and residential purposes. The mowers are manufactured in a 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility alongside outdoor furnaces made by the sister company Central Broiler. The experience and success obtained by operating Central Broiler is what allowed Altoz to establish and  grow into a top mower brand today.

American Lawn Mower Co. specialize in making manual reel mowers under the brand names American Lawn Mower , Great States, Earthwise, and Scotts as a licensee. The company also produces battery-powered mowers under the Earthwise brand. Additionally, they make corded electric mowers through the American Lawn Mower and Earthwise brands.

The headquarters of Ariens is in Brillion, Wisconsin and has been in business since 1933. The company began by making rototillers. It wasn’t until 1958 that the Ariens entered the lawn mower market by making their first riding mower. Today, they specialize in making high-quality zero-turn mowers, walk-behind mowers, and snow blowers.

Bag Boy Mowers started making mowers in 2002. Their name is fitting given the brands reputation for manufacturing heavy-duty mowers that are built to last. They manufacture both residential and commercial grade mowers with a specialization in zero-turn technology. However, they do also make a two models of walk-behind commercial-grade mowers with 21-inch and 25-inch cutting widths.

BigDog Mower is a brand of Excel Industries who also makes Hustler mowers featured below. BigDog specializes in zero-turn mowers for residential and commercial use. BigDog and Hustler are made at the same location so the mowers share a lot of the same parts/features between the brands. If you are consider either brand, you should do a comparison between both to find the best value.


Black + Decker seems to make everything home-related from appliances to power tools to vacuums and beyond. It should be no surprise that the company also produces lawn and garden equipment that includes lawn mowers. They manufacture both corded electric and battery-powered lawn mowers at affordable prices.

Bob-Cat is owned by Schiller Grounds Care and started in the early 1950s making a commercial snow thrower. By 1972, the company unveiled their first walk-behind and zero-turn mowers. Presently, they make zero-turn, stand-on, and walk-behind lawn mowers for residential and commercial purposes.

Bolens manufactures affordable push and riding lawn mowers for homeowners. The company is a part of MTD Products who also owns other popular brands featured here such as Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Yard Machines. They also manufacture trimmers, blowers, snow blowers and tillers/cultivators.

Brute manufacturers 21-inch walk-behind push and self-propelled lawn mowers. They are made with Briggs & Stratton engines and can be commonly found sold at Menards. The company also makes pressure washers, snow blowers, generators, log splitters, rototillers, and edgers.

Bush Hog manufacturers a large array of outdoor equipment designed for agriculture, including hay tools, plows, cultivators, tillers, chippers, and much more. Their mowers include zero-turn, finishing, and rotary cutters.

California Trimmer makes reel mowers that are manufactured for commercial or residential applications. All commercial mowers are made with Honda engines. The residential mowers come with an option to select Briggs & Stratton or a Honda engine.

The Country Clipper brand was started in 1984 by Shivvers Manufacturing based out of Corydon, Iowa. They are noted for being one of the first producers of zero-turn lawn mowers for commercial and residential use. Currently, they make six types of zero-turn lawn mowers. The Avenue, Boulevard, and XLT are designed as residential grade mowers. The Challenger, Charger, and Boss XL are the commercial grade options. You’ll find these mower at dealers in North America and in Australia and New Zealand.

Columbia began well over 100 years ago building bicycles. The company eventually merged with MTD Products in 1967 and then in 1972 started manufacturing lawn and garden machinery for consumers in Canada. They now make a variety of riders, walk-behind, and zero-turn lawn mowers for the North American market.

Countax is a British mower manufacturing company owned by Ariens. The company makes garden tractors in three series: A, B, and C. They offer a high grass mulching deck for people that need to take care of tall grass growth and other vegetation.

The long time Sears owned brand, Craftsman, was sold to Stanley Black & Decker in 2017. While the company is best known for manufacturing quality hand and power tools, they also make a wide variety of outdoor tools and equipment. The lawn mowers Craftsman produces are riding, self-propelled walk-behind, and push walk-behind lawn mowers. The majority of the lawn mowers listed on the Craftsman website were indicated to be made in the United States. This is a favorite brand of homeowners.

The origination of Dixie Chopper dates back to 1980 when Art Evans, founder, produced the first zero-turn radius lawn mower for commercial purposes. Today, the company manufactures commercial and top-grade residential lawn mowers that are known for their speed and reliability. The company was a business of Textron Inc. but was recently sold to Alamo Group in August 2019.

If you frequently or even occasionally head into a big box store, you are likely familiar with Dewalt for their power tools and numerous tool accessories. However,  the company does manufacturer a battery-powered lawn mower known as the Dewalt DCMW220P2. No, Dewalt is not a huge lawn mower brand, but there mower is worth a look if you are seeking to move away from a gas-powered lawn mower.

DR Power Equipment is based out of the beautiful state of Vermont and has been in business since 1985. The co-founder, Lyman Wood is credited for developing the Troy-Bilt Rototiller in the 1960s, which eventually became the top selling rototiller in America. The first product by DR was a trimmer mower. The company has since moved on to create numerous other outdoor equipment such as snow blowers, chippers, and lawn aerators. The mowers they produce are electric, field & brush, trimmers, walk-behind, and tow-behind mowers.

Ego products are top-rated for their performance as an alternative to gas-powered outdoor power equipment. Ego’s advanced battery-powered technology often places their products on the same level (sometimes exceeding) traditional home use lawn equipment. Ego produces a small selection of walk-behind battery-powered lawn mowers in addition to many other battery-powered lawn tools. If you wish to do away the with mess and expense of gas, Ego should be one of the first places you look for your new lawn mower. They can be found at stores such as The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and on

Exmark produces zero-turn, walk-behind, and stand-on lawn mowers. The company originates from Beatrice, Nebraska and became a corporation in 1983. Their primary focus is to produce lawn mowers for the commercial market that are sold through a dealer network.

Ferris makes high-end commercial lawn mowers as a business of Briggs & Stratton. They offer zero-turn, stand-on, walk-behind, and front mount mowers.

Fiskars is a Finnish company that dates back to 1649. It has made numerous products during their long history including kitchenware, garden tools, and crafting tool. They are best known for making the classic scissors with the orange handles. Regarding mowers, Fiskars only makes a small selection of reel mowers that are an excellent green option for a smaller yard.

Flymo is a Husqvarna brand that is famous for its hover mower, which uses a fan to allow the blades to hover on lawn. The company also manufacturers other innovative products such as robotic lawn mowers,  hover vacs, and electric/battery-powered mowers.

Gravely’s legacy dates back over 100 years where it was started by Benjamin Franklin Gravely of Dunbar, West Virginia. The company began by selling farming tractors based on Mr. Gravely’s patented motor plow obtained in 1916. Gravely was acquired by Ariens in 1982 to expanded its commercial business. They currently make zero-turn, stand-on, and walk-behind lawn mower that are geared toward the professionals.

Grasshopper has been around since 1969 and produces all-steel TrueTurn riding rotary mowers for residential and commercial use. It is a family-owned business based out of Moundridge, Kansas where it operates its 300,000 square foot manufacturing building.

Greenworks Tools specializes in making battery-powered tools. This includes not only lawn mowers but chainsaws, leaf blowers, edgers, snow throwers, and more. If you are thinking of moving away from a gas-powered lawn mower, you should give Greeworks a hard look for your next piece of equipment. The company is young (founded in 2007) in comparison to most other lawn mower brands listed here. However, Greenworks is committed to using the best technology to produced tools that meet the standards of many gas-powered tools.

GXi Outdoor Power is known for making Beast lawn mowers. Their mowers include Turf Beast walk-behind mowers, Z-Beast zero-turn mowers, Beast Tow-Behind mowers, and Brush Beast brush mowers.

The British company Hayter has been making mowers for over 70 years. Toro acquired Hayter in 2005 to expand their international growth. Hayter produces electric mowers, roller mowers, walk-behind push & auto-drive mowers, and more.

Honda is commonly ranked as one of the best brands of lawn mowers available for homeowners. The premium engines and features found on these mowers command a high price. However, the brand’s reputation for manufacturing durable and high-quality lawn mowers often makes the premium price paid a bargain for many purchasers of Honda mowers. The company is known for making push and self-propelled lawn mowers but has recently introduced a robotic lawn mower called Miimo.

Hustler lawn care products include residential and commercial zero-turn mowers. The company is responsible for introducing the first zero-turn lawn mower in 1964. Hustler has continued to improve on this technology –  producing some of the best heavy-duty mowers you can buy that also perform. Hustler should be one of the first consideration for anyone seeking to purchase a zero-turn lawn mower.

Husqvarna is a Swedish based outdoor power equipment company that dates back to 1689 from its beginnings as a rifle company. It wasn’t until 1919 that the company first started expanding into lawn mowers after producing many other products such as sewing machines, bikes, and motorcycles. Today they manufacture a variety of lawn mowers including zero-turn, robotic, stand-on, riding, walk-behind, and riders. They also produces several landscaping and snow removal products as well. This is a popular brand for homeowners that can be found at places such as Lowe’s and Tractor Supply

Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Jacobsen specializes in making golf course and sports turf mowers. The company is a brand of Textron Inc. who competes in multiple industries including aviation through Cessna and snowmobiles through the Arctic Cat brand.

John Deere dates back to 1837 making it one of the oldest companies that manufactures lawn mowers today. However, it wasn’t until 1963 that the company entered the consumer market for lawn and garden tractors.  You have likely seen many John Deere products during your travels at place such as farms, construction sites, and golf courses. The company is a behemoth in the heavy equipment world pulling in an approximate $37 billion in 2018 revenue. They do sell mowers for home use

Kobalt is owned by the home improvement store Lowe’s, therefore, the brand is exclusive to Lowe’s. Kobalt offers hand, power, air, and lawn & garden tools in addition to a selection of personalized products. Their lawn equipment is based on Lithium Ion battery-powered technology.

Kubota started by making sub-compact tractors in 1969. It goes without saying that Kubota has since greatly expanded from its initial tractor success. The company makes zero-turn, stand-on, walk-behind, front mount, and lawn & garden tractors for homeowners and lawn care professionals.

Land Pride started in 1986 and now sells over 350 products primarily suited for agriculture customers. They make rotary cutters and grooming mowers for attachment to tractors.

Lastec has been in business since 1990 when it started making articulating rotary mowers for golf courses. Today, the company makes super high-end commercial mowers for use on golf courses, sports stadiums, and similar locations. The mowers include zero-turn, out front, pull behind, and golf course models.

Way back in 1904 began the long journey of what we know today as Lawn-Boy. The original founder, Ole Evinrude, started the company (not yet Lawn-Boy) by making an outboard motor (boat motor). It wasn’t until 1934 that the first Lawn-Boy reel mower was produced with Ole’s son, Ralph, at the helm of the business. Toro eventually acquired Lawn-Boy in 1989 and expanded its reach to many well-known retailers of the time. Today, the company makes budget-friendly walk-behind push and self-propelled lawn mowers for homeowners.

Locke produces power reel mowers and has been doing so since 1928. They have been used at MLB baseball fields, the White House, and other notable locations.

Makita is a Japanese company that was founded in 1915. You likely know them for making power tools such as saws and drill found at The Home Depot. They do, however, make a Lithium-ion powered lawn mower that is able to cut up to 7,300 square feet on two batteries.

The roots of Masport go back to 1910 when the business was established in Auckland, New Zealand. They began making lawn mowers (hand mowers) in 1930 and 8 years later developed the first gas-powered lawn mower in New Zealand. Currently, the company’s products are available in dozens of countries. Their lawn mowers include walk-behinds, lawn tractors, and ride-ons.

McCulloch is a brand of Husqvarna that was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1943. The company has passed through a lot of hands since its beginning. It was owned by Black + Decker in the 1970s, Jenn Feng in 1999 to 2008, and now Husqvarna. MTD Products also had a distributions/licensing agreement with Jenn Feng to produce McCulloch in the North American market during the 2000s. The company currently makes walk-behind, ride-on, and robotic mowers.

Mean Green Mowers came up with the innovative idea of manufacturing commercial lithium electric mowers to do away with inefficiencies found on traditional gas lawn mowers. The company cites the primary benefits of their electric mowers are low noise, no gas, minimal maintenance, and zero emission. Mean Green makes a selection of mowers including stand-ons, ride-ons, and walk-behinds. Oh yeah, they also have the best logo of any lawn mower brand out there.

Mowox makes outdoor power equipment for homeowners. Their products include gas-power and battery-powered lawn mowers in addition to battery-powered blowers, chainsaws, and trimmers. The company states that other innovations are on the way so stay tuned. Mowox appears to be one of the up and comers in the lawn care world.

MTD Gold and MTD Pro are brands of the large consumer and commercial lawn equipment company, MTD Products. The company has its headquarters in Valley City Ohio and was founded in 1932. MTD Products owns several other brands featured here such as Troy-Bilt, Bolens, and Cub Cadet.

Murray  specializes in affordable lawn mowers that are made with Briggs & Stratton engines. Murray has been owned by Briggs & Stratton since 2005, but the mowers have been built by MTD Products since 2012.

As with a few other companies featured here, Oregon started in saws. Specifically, the company started by producing an innovative saw chain that is still heavily in use today. In the consumer market, the company produces high-quality Lithium-ion battery-powered lawn mowers among other outdoor equipment products.

Poulan Pro is subsidiary of another lawn mower brand featured here, Husqvarna. Interestingly, Poulan was once an American company dating back to the very early 20th century as Poulan Saw out of Louisiana. Yes, the company still makes saws in the form of chainsaws and pole saws. They also manufacture an assortment of outdoor lawn equipment including blowers, trimmers, tillers, and snow blowers. The company’s lawn mowers include gas-powered and battery-powder walk-behind mowers, riding, and zero-turn mowers.

Powersmart is an Illinois based outdoor power equipment company that produces an array of products such as ladders, door locks, snow blowers,  air compressors, and lawn mowers. The majority of Powersmart’s lawn mowers are self-propelled and push gas machines. However, they also make a Lithium-ion cordless mower as well.

Power Trac is based out Virgina and has been making Power Tracs since 1984. The company builds tractors that allow for a three blade rotary mower attachment that can range from 42 – 90 inches. Other mower attachments include flail mower, knuckle boom mower, boom mower, and a brush cutter.

Remington dates back to 1921 where the company began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin building drills and saws. The first chainsaw made by Remington was in 1954. In the 1990s and beyond they expanded their product line to include tools such as trimmers, electric chainsaws, blowers, and more. Currently, the company makes reel, battery-powered, push, and self-propelled gas lawn mowers.

Robomow (Friendly Robotics) is a robotic lawn mower company that started in 1995. It is based out of Israel with lawn mowers sold to the Europe and United States markets. These mowers are designed to eliminate the time, energy, and cost that is commonly associated with traditional lawn mowers.

Ryobi is a brand that is sold almost exclusively at Home Depot in the United States and Canada. However, unlike the Lowe’s owned Kobalt brand, Ryobi is not Home Depot owned. The company has its headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan and manufactures a wide variety of  items including automobile components, electronics, printing equipment, and power tools. Ryobi lawn mowers are powered by either Lithium-Ion batteries or corded electric.

Scag is a division of Metalcraft of Mayville Inc., which is located in Mayville, Wisconsin. The company started in 1983 with a single mower design. Today, they produce 50 models of heavy-duty commercial mowers including zero-turn, stand-on, and walk-behind products.

Steiner is a brand of Schiller Ground Care and started by making a 4-wheel drive articulating tractorS in the 1970s. The company now makes four different tractors: 450DX, 450, 440, and 235 tractors.  They are known for their versatility because of the various attachments that can be used on these tractors.

You likely known Scotts from their lawn fertilizers, grass seed, mulch, or weed control products. However, they also sell reel mowers under the Scotts brand name. Their reel push mowers range from 14 inches up to 20 inches. They are ideal for smaller lawns as an alternative to gas-powered mowers. American Lawn Mower is a Scotts licensee for producing reel mowers for the company.

Simplicity produces high-end lawn tractors and zero-turn lawn mowers for consumers and commercial purposes. You can obtain one of their mowers through a local dealer found on the company’s website. Simplicity was acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2004. Naturally, mowers come equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines.

Snapper dates back to 1894 when it was known as Southern Saw Works and made circular saws in Georgia. The company later went on to make the Snappin Turtle mower, which was one of the initial rotary mowers available. Snapper was acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2004 and production has since moved from Georgia to Wisconsin. The company manufactures walk-behind, riding, zero turn, and electric lawn mowers.

Stihl is a German company that started in 1926 by making the first chainsaw. Today, they are still know for their superior chainsaws that are the go to for many professionals and homeowners. In addition to chain saws, the company produces many high-quality outdoor equipment tools such as edgers, trimmers, blowers, and more. Stihl is not widely known for their lawn mowers but their current focus appears to be on producing battery-powered and robotic mowers.

Sun Joe is another young, innovative company that was founded in 2004. They began by making a single product – an electric snow shovel. They have since expand their offering of products to include lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers, snow blowers, and more. The company’s specialty in terms of lawn mowers is gas-free reel, electric, and battery-powered machines commonly sold at affordable prices. The company also operates Snow Joe, which produces smart tools for snow related tasks.

The Missouri based Swisher manufacturers commercial and residential zero-turn lawn mowers that are made right in America. They have been in business since around 1945 producing lawn mowers from the beginning. In fact, Max Swisher designed the first self-propelled rotary lawn mower according to the company’s website.